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I start to write but it all seems so circus freak in the center ring. It’s hard being the star of the sideshow and the midway barker at the same time.

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Listen up: Saint Patrick wasn’t Irish; he was British and sent to Ireland as a slave. He escaped, returned home, became a Roman Catholic priest. Saint Patrick wasn’t an immigrant; he was a missionary priest. Google the difference. Educate yourself. … Continue reading

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Fruited Plain

Can you stand nude in the middle of the room with your arms by your sides and endure the criticism of your manhood? That’s the cost of moral integrity. Cowards cover-up their shortcomings with holy books. You ate from the … Continue reading

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Getting To The Heart of The Matter

Daily I write sentences or paragraphs and tuck them in my cloud. I usually don’t want to lose the thought and I intend to edit the words or expand the concept.  And then about once every couple of months I … Continue reading

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