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Perhaps I’ve wasted my life trying to crawl above the adjective unique. Maybe unique is my legacy. Maybe unique is my apart. Maybe unique is my remembered. (Photo courtesy of

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Midlife: the captive of couldn’t. Boundaries: physical boundaries. Cautionary lines drawn by consequence. Medical care: continuation and not cure. Midlife: the midst of people – surrounded by the people who’ve been chosen to matter. Midlife: centered. The centerpiece. Emotionally, familially, and responsibly the … Continue reading

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Statues of Limitations

Okay surf my wave. Look let me help you out here. You can’t have it all. So. Think about it. Walk away from the cat pics. Close the porn sites and zip. Take your hands off the “share” button of … Continue reading

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A Matter of Trust

Okay look. If you lie to someone – you exploit their vulnerability. The aspect our bullying society forgets: we’re all vulnerable adults. Vulnerability is all about degrees. Some people have a higher tolerance for your pain. So listen up: you … Continue reading

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