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A Matter of Trust

Okay look. If you lie to someone – you exploit their vulnerability. The aspect our bullying society forgets: we’re all vulnerable adults. Vulnerability is all about degrees. Some people have a higher tolerance for your pain. So listen up: you … Continue reading

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Going Through It Together

The best aspect (okay only) of being sick? Examinations of Conscience. Inactivity makes one introspective and fear makes one reflective. I haven’t been as good of a man as I should have been. I should have been a better friend. … Continue reading

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Colors My World

I don’t think of my past anymore. I’m too pressed by my present to contemplate where I’ve been. The play and rehearsals take my allotment of my creative time. Yesterday I scheduled a rare daytime rehearsal. And I like to … Continue reading

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Hardened Feelings

Everyone holds a grudge. Everyone. Some hold it in their hearts. Some hold it in their minds. Some hold it in their fists. Some hold it in their glasses. Some hold it in their packs. Some hold it in their words. Some hold it in their choices. Some … Continue reading

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