Being Critical

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Does art imitate life, or is life itself the art? The lines are the most challenging kind of blurred in Mark Trost’s honest, unflinching work, Unzipped. An unfiltered look at human relationships and  self-evaluation – and above all, the power of language to bind, unravel and otherwise change the course of one’s moral and spiritual journey. It’s impossible to walk away from Trost’s script unaffected.

– Becky Sarwate, Critic, EDGE Media Network Chicago



I love that theater is illustrative and instructive.  Theater is almost unique as a vehicle to provide an echo of humanity.  Like a child marveling at the movement in an aquarium, we can watch emotions expressed that either mirror our own or antagonize us into new emotions.  And it changes us in an almost singular way by demonstrating behavior worthy of emulation or demanding condemnation.  It gives men permission and women communion.  And theater isn’t limited by space.  A parent teaching a child to tie a shoe is a life altering performance.  Theater is show-n-tell.