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Does art imitate life, or is life itself the art? The lines are the most challenging kind of blurred in Mark Trost’s honest, unflinching work, Unzipped. An unfiltered look at human relationships and  self-evaluation – and above all, the power of language to bind, unravel and otherwise change the course of one’s moral and spiritual journey. It’s impossible to walk away from Trost’s script unaffected.

– Becky Sarwate, Critic, EDGE Media Network Chicago


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“UNZIPPED” has performances on both sides of the river!

  • October 5, 6, 7: Minneapolis @ The Target Performance Hall in The Loft Literary Center Building.

  • October 12, 13, 14: Saint Paul @ The F.K. Weyerhaeuser Auditorium in The Landmark Center.



Men. Is it all about sex? Is it money? Power? What frightens men? Are men romantic? How do women’s actions impact men’s decisions? What happens when you don’t love each other anymore? Why the sports bar? How do you deal with friendships that become toxic? Is fatherhood an unrealistic expectation? What’s up with fishing? How do two men carve out a relationship without competition? What obligations do men have to each other? To women? To the earth? To their beliefs? What happens when friends with benefits becomes friends with expectations?

Real situations. Raw words. Men / Women / Straight / Gay.

Real people saying real things about real problems and real successes.