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“UNZIPPED” has performances on both sides of the river!

  • October 5, 6, 7: Minneapolis @ The Target Performance Hall in The Loft Literary Center Building.

  • October 12, 13, 14: Saint Paul @ The F.K. Weyerhaeuser Auditorium in The Landmark Center.



Men. Is it all about sex? Is it money? Power? What frightens men? Are men romantic? How do women’s actions impact men’s decisions? What happens when you don’t love each other anymore? Why the sports bar? How do you deal with friendships that become toxic? Is fatherhood an unrealistic expectation? What’s up with fishing? How do two men carve out a relationship without competition? What obligations do men have to each other? To women? To the earth? To their beliefs? What happens when friends with benefits becomes friends with expectations?

Real situations. Raw words. Men / Women / Straight / Gay.

Real people saying real things about real problems and real successes.

Getting The Green Light


On April 1, 2016 I went with a group of friends to a play. Afterwards, I needed a drink. We went to a bar – Me & Julio (where the pic was taken) and I turned to my friends and said, “Well, I can do that. I’m writing a play.” UNZIPPED burst into being. Within 6 weeks I held auditions. Within 5 months the first performance.

In the last 366 days, here’s what I’ve learned:

I’ve learned I could write a play – a controversial, intense, and consummate work.

I learned I could direct, cast, and produce myself.

I learned that edgy doesn’t really have anything to do with intensity. Edgy is all about creating an edge (a boundary) that defines the limits and the limited. Intensity is all about the courage of the corralled to approach. Intense is all about farthest.

I learned a few people will support you and even less will encourage you. It’s a red light/green light world. Most people will turn their backs and most people will send you back to the base if you get too close to the win. But some people love the edge. They love the rush of the approach and they crave the excitement of the risk of the fall.

In the coming year – I’ll have my play on a stage. I have a man who likes the edge and who thinks my play can move. He’s willing to put his cash on my edge. If my health holds, by autumn we’ll have a run.